In the race against new variants, it has become crucial to raise vaccination rates–sometimes among social groups with deeply-held fears and beliefs. With the COVID-19 Pandemic surging in East Tennessee, Mountain Home VA came to us asking for help to get more local veterans to get vaccinated.


Our health literacy and patient education expert collaborated with key stakeholders, did research and many interviews with healthcare providers at Mountain Home VA. Armed with this information, we co-created an original, unique, and tailored campaign featuring local veterans telling their story of why they chose to get vaccinated. Their stories are sincere, personal and real.


Radio spots were the foundation for the campaign. Four :60 spots were created featuring local veterans who work at Mountain Home VA. Social media and digital ads supported the radio spots. The successful results include a significant uptick in vaccinations during the campaign. The display tactic was very effective delivering 187.5K impressions, and 331 clicks, reaching a wide audience of users falling within the “Veterans 65+” demographic.

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